Recapture those halcyon days of the old BBC2 Saturday night horror double bills in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere in the Cinematheque at one of Brighton’s premiere cult movie pubs!

Frighten Brighton


The BBC2 horror double bills of the 1970s and 1980s are a distant, happy memory. Many classic horror films are now deemed suitable for family viewing, most are ripping yarns and have inspired other film-makers, artists, authors and generally enriched our lives.Now you can recapture those halcyon days of the old BBC2 Saturday night horror double bills in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere in the Cinemathequeat one of Brighton’s premiere cult movie pubs!

* TERROR (1978)
* Saturday 26th July @4pm
* Caroline of Brunswick pub, Ditchling Road, Brighton
* FREE admission!
* Horror Movie magazines and merchandise for sale!
* Bar and snacks available!

Your hosts – Cyberschizoid and Georgy Girl!

THE DEVIL DOLL (1936) – An insane tale of revenge, a cross-dressing villain and a potion that shrinks people directed by Tod…

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Frighten Brighton

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Frighten Brighton Cinematheque is back for a new season of cult movie double bills, all day festivals and special one-off events in conjunction with the Caroline of Brunswick pub, Space Monsters magazine and We Belong Dead magazine! Join us on Saturday 28th June from 4:30pm upstairs in the Caroline of Brunswick‘s Scary Screening Room for some fun classic horror and vintage sci-fi movies!

Entry is FREE OF CHARGE so join your hosts Cyberschizoid and Georgy Edgson and Leo Dyke (Titan Defender Pushka) for an afternoon and evening of groovy horror and sci-fi fun. There will also be  concession stands selling copies of Space Monsters magazine, classic cult movie/TV tie-in paperbacks and other film related memorabilia.


* Saturday 28th June

* Doors open 4:30pm


* FORCE OF LIFE (1975)


* Venue – Caroline…

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Digital Double Ad

Space Monsters Double Pack!

Still not purchased issue 1 of Space Monsters? SHAME ON YOU!!! It’s your chance to redeem yourself. For a limited time, the digital editions of Issues 1 and 2 (Issue 2 is EXCLUSIVELY IN COLOUR IN DIGITAL!) for just £5!

Yes, not only is Space Monsters a print magazine but we now have a full-colour digital edition too! So, if reading your favourite mags on your iPhone, iPad, iPod or laptop is your bag then beam up to the Dead Good Newsstand today and download the greatest monster magazine in the galaxy!

* Also available in print format from the CLASSIC HORROR CAMPAIGN website.

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STELLA STAR 2 Caroline Munro


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More exciting news from the Bram Stoker International Film Festival! Many of the crazy 1950’s-style B-movies of Christopher R. Mihm will be screening during the festival in Sultan’s Sci-Fi Suite alongside a veritable cacophony of vintage creature features! Mihm’s award-winning monster movies have achieved a cult following over the years and mimic the style and content of those classic fifties fear flicks we all know and love! The majority of these films have never been screened in the UK so make sure you don’t miss out on these unique and exclusive movie screenings!

The festival takes place in the spooky town of Whitby, North Yorkshire (the home of Dracula!) from Thursday 24th October until Sunday 27th October and tickets are now on sale from the Bram Stoker Film Festival website.

For an exclusive interview with Christopher R. Mihm and a closer look at his brilliant B-movies make sure you grab a copy of Space Monsters issue 2 which is on sale soon and will also be available at the Bram Stoker Film Festival along with the remaining copies of Space Monsters issue 1!

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Helena smiling 2

Space Monsters magazine would like to wish Barbara Bain a very happy 82nd birthday today! Barbara will always be our favourite Space Babe for her wonderful portrayal of blonde beauty Doctor Helena Russell on the classic Gerry Anderson television show Space:1999. Born September 13th 1931, Barbara had a successful career as a model before turning to acting where she achieved fame (and three Emmy Awards) for her performance as agent Cinnamon Carter in the hit spy series Mission: Impossible opposite her husband Martin Landau. The pair left the series at the height of its success and went on to co-star in Space:1999 which ran from 1975 – 1977 and was a smash-hit around the world. Bain has continued to have a successful career both on stage and screen and has also appeared at Space:1999 conventions over the years.

You can read much more about Space: 1999 in issue one of Space Monsters magazine which is on sale from various outlets across the UK and the United States or you can order direct from the publishers courtesy of the Classic Horror Campaign website.

Barbara Bain Dr Russell blue dress

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Here at Space Monsters magazine we can barely contain our excitement at the news we’ve just received from those super space cadets at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival in Whitby, North Yorkshire. Not only are they screening a whole graveyard full of UK and world premieres of the latest horror films from around the globe but festival life president Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki has created Sultan’s Sci-Fi Suite, a room devoted entirely to classic sci-fi, monster and B-movies! Some of our favourite crazy creature features will be screening during the festival which takes place from Thursday October 24th – Sunday October 27th including the hilariously “so bad it’s good” cheese-fest Robot Monster!

Robot Monster (1953) tells a terrifying tale of an invasion of Earth by a space gorilla in a diving helmet who menaces the planet’s surviving inhabitants with his trusty bubble machine! Directed by 25 year old Phil Tucker and made on a budget of just $16,000 the film actually took an impressive $1000,000 at the box office although it has the reputation of being one of the worst films ever made – but that’s just the way we love ’em!

As well as Robot Monster, the Bram Stoker International Film Festival will also be showing Them! (1954), Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers (1956), Invasion of the Saucer Men (1957), Forbidden Planet (1956), It! The Terror From Beyond Space (1958), Quatermass and the Pit (1967) and many more sci-fi classics! Not only that, but there will also be live theatre, special guests, live music, the legendary Vampire Ball, gothic cabaret and the groundbreaking Dark Art exhibition!

Make sure you get your tickets and passes before they sell out! Just follow this LINK….

robot monster

Robot Monster Space Monsters promo

BramStokerFest 2013 poster


New York City Space Monsters

Run for your lives! Giant ants are attacking Los Angeles, Godzilla is battling Megalon, the Blob is on the loose again and the moon has just been blasted out of orbit! Is this the end of the world as we know it? No, don’t worry, it just means that Space Monsters Magazine issue one is now available to buy in the United States from our friends at Scary Monsters direct from their Scare Store!

Scary Monsters is the Rondo Award winning classic monster movie magazine that has now been running for 22 years and is a favourite with collectors and film fans in the U.S. and around the world. Each issue is a nostalgia fest for classic horror fanatics and evokes memories of a more innocent time when monster movies ruled the drive-ins and the local television stations across the country. The Scary Monsters Scare Store not only stocks back-issues of Scary Monsters magazine but also stocks all the best horror and sci-fi movie magazines including We Belong Dead and now Space Monsters!

So why not jump aboard your rocket-ship and fly on over to the Scary Monsters Scare Store for an Out Of This World shopping experience!

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billy chainsaw space monsters A

We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response already to issue one of Space Monsters magazine but not ones to rest on our laurels we have plans in place to make issue two bigger, better and more exciting than ever! Not only will Space Monsters issue two be a “space vampires” special (you can vote for your favourite space vampire movie HERE) but we also welcome on board our brand new columnist – Billy Chainsaw! Well known on the UK horror scene as a successful writer, actor and artist Billy will be bringing his own inimitable style to Space Monsters. Each issue he will be contributing an exclusive piece of artwork based on a particular cheesy monster movie as well as a review – beginning with his unique take on Al Adamson B-Movie Horror of the Blood Monsters (1970)!

SPACE MONSTERS MAGAZINE is available from:

SPACE MONSTERS MAGAZINE is also available from Marvans News at 84 Beaconfield Road, Brighton, BN1 6DD as well as from The Naughty Pirates GalleryArch 237Kings Road Arches (near the Carousel), Brighton seafront, East Sussex, UK, so why not pop in today and buy a copy of the monster movie magazine everybody’s talking about!

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Dr Who and the Daleks

SPACE MONSTERS magazine is very excited about the Fantastiq Festival of fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror which takes place in Derby this weekend starting Friday 9th August! With the BBC having just announced the casting of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor the Fantastiq festival celebrates another great actor who played The Doctor on the big screen – Peter Cushing in the amazing sixties movies Dr Who and the Daleks (1965) and Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. (1966)! Alongside these and many more brilliant classic horror and sci-fi film screenings there will be special guests – including Dez Skinn, the legendary creator of iconic seventies monster magazines House of Hammer and Starburst and screenwriter Stephen Volk! 

Here is the programme for this weekend’s festival…

AUGUST 9-11 2013

Friday 9th August
1pm Hammer House Of Horror Double Bill
2pm From The Vault: Heavy Metal (15)
3pm Bug (15)
4pm Orson Welles’ The War Of The Worlds
5:30pm Ghostwatch (adv 15)
6:00pm Preview – Upstream Color (15)
7:15pm Stephen Volk In Conversation
8:00pm From The Vault – Heavy Metal (15)
8:40pm Book Signing Whitstable
9:30pm Spectral Press Presents…Dracula (12A)
10:00pm House (Hausu) (15)

Saturday 10th August
10:45am From The Vault: Silver Bullet (15)
11:00am The AckerMonster Chronicles
1:00pm Dez Skinn In Conversation
1:15pm Corruption (adv 12A)
3:00pm Jason And The Argonauts (U)
3:15pm The Sorcerers (15)
4:45pm Johnny Mains On John Burke & The Sorcerers
6:00pm The Beast Must Die (15)
6:30pm Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan (U)
8pm Paul Annett In Conversation
8:30pm From The Vault: Silver Bullet (15)
9:30pm Preview – Kiss Of The Damned (cert tbc)

Sunday 11th August
11:00am From The Vault: The Black Belly Of The Tarantula (15)
11:30am Horror Tour Of Derby with Darrell Buxton
1:30pm Dr Who And The Daleks / Daleks: Invasion Earth Double
2:00pm Filmmaker’s Forum Panel Discussion
4:00pm Zombie: The New Undead (adv 18)
5:30pm Cinema Retro Presents…Vampire Circus
6:00pm Orson Welles’ The War Of The Worlds
7:15pm Robert Young In Conversation
8pm From The Vault: The Black Belly Of The Tarantula (15)
8:45pm Closing Night Preview – John Dies At The End (15)

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How “Space Monsters” Can Help YOU!


Space Monsters magazine has now launched and is selling fast! Readers across the world will soon be reading the best in classic sci-fi and monster movies as well as checking out the ads from these awesome publishers, book sellers, movie events and genre websites!

You too can reach classic sci-fi, horror and monster movie and cult TV fans around the world by advertising in future issues of Space Monsters magazine at exceptional rates!

To advertise in Space Monsters magazine, email your ad image to using “SPACE MONSTERS AD” as the subject.Provide your own ads or we can design them for you at no extra cost.

Payment in advance via Paypal and Space Monsters Magazine has the right to reject ads.

Full Page Colour – £75
Full Page B/W – £50
Half Page B/W – £30

SPECIAL OFFER! For every paid ad placed in Space Monsters Magazine issue two, you will also receive a free advertising feature on the Space Monsters website as well as on the News From The Crypt page on the Classic Horror Campaign website, reaching thousands of classic horror, sci-fi and monster movie fans!

Space Monsters magazine is available to buy from Hemlock Books, Classic Horror Campaign, The Cinema Store and the digital version soon to be available from Dead Good Newsstand.

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