Thirteen really is a lucky number for horror fans as there are not just one but two fangtastic film events on Saturday 13th February! We’ve already told you about the Film Fair at Camden but now we can announce Screen Queens at the Roxy Bar & Screen hosted by British actress Eileen Daly! Known to horror fans for her starring role as vampire Lilith Silver in Jake West’s cult classic Razor Blade Smile and countless other fear flicks (including The Amityville Asylum, Cradle of Fear, Braincell) Eileen has recently achieved new heights of fame and a whole new fanbase via her appearances on the top-rated reality tv shows Big Brother and The X Factor!

Eileen is a girl of many talents, owner of her production company Eileen Daly Productions where she writes, directs and produces ghost hunting shows along with many feature films that are not for the faint-hearted and at Screen Queens she will be premiering her two brand new films First Bite and Hollywood Betrayed! There will also be music, Q & A’s, burlesque, vintage and designer stalls and more!

Start time is 1pm and you can buy tickets in advance from Eileen’s Official Website – but hurry! Numbers are limited!







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