We’ve recently received messages and emails from monster movie magazine fans in the States saying they don’t know where they can buy Space Monsters in the good ol’ U.S. of A! But don’t worry guys and ghouls – Space Monsters is readily available in America from a number of sources!

First of all, our fiends over at Scary Monsters magazine sell Space Monsters thru their online Scare Store as well as at the various monster movie events they attend across the USA!

Secondly, ships worldwide – and that includes the USA, so just click on this LINK for more details!

Thirdly, our American fans can order Space Monsters direct from us by using PayPal address – just specify the issue you require and where we need to mail it.  All issues cost £5.99 plus postage of £4.75 to the USA (that’s a total of £10.74 per issue) – please note ISSUE ONE and ISSUE TWO are currently OUT OF STOCK!

Finally, the full-color, interactive digital download version of Space Monsters is available to download WORLDWIDE from

If you have any questions regarding the above information or are a store (online or physical) and would like to stock Space Monsters magazine please email us at

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