rectory haunted house 2014

With his reputation on the line, discredited paranormal investigator Harry Price enlists candidates for a year-long experiment in the most haunted house in England, The Rectory. When bizarre accounts begin to mount and the house takes on a life of it’s own, his reputation may not be the only thing he will lose…

The Rectory is a paranormal horror thriller, set in 1937 England.  Principle photography is set to start in Los Angeles and England in the fall of 2014 so Space Monsters Magazine has teamed up with The Rectory to help fund this awesome fright flick which promises to bring back the vibe and quality of the classic horror films we grew up with…but ramping up the fear factor to make it the scariest cinema experience in years! 

Move over Hammer, there’s a NEW kid in town! 

To get the Space Monsters Magazine perk just follow the indiegogo link and click on From Beyond…help make this happen and share the horror!
You can also find out more on their Facebook Page and @twitter!

Help make this movie happen – donate today!


rectory poster

rectory bed

rectory indiegogo art

rectory ghost face


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