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Sacré bleu! Space Monsters magazine has crossed the Channel and is now being sold at the Metaluna Store in Paris, France! Metaluna Store is a veritable paradise for horror, sci-fi and cult movie fans selling books, magazines, DVDs, film stills, posters and more. They also publish the excellent French language horror magazine, Metaluna, which looks at every aspect of genre cinema from the cult underground to the latest releases. So if you’re in Paris anytime soon, make sure you pop along to the Metaluna Store (7 Rue Dante, 75005, Paris, France) and say “bonjour” from all of us at Space Monsters!

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Watch out Emily Booth! The Daleks are about to invade the Horror Channel when the original classic series starts airing on Friday 18th April starting with the very first story An Unearthly Child. This is followed by a Who On Horror themed weekend featuring stories from each of the first seven Doctors and then the show will settle into regular daytime and evening slots every weekday. Check out horror host Emily Booth‘s blog featuring her exclusive interview with Fourth Doctor Tom Baker HERE!

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“No-one who saw it lived to describe it!” screamed the tagline for Hammer Films’ Curse of Frankenstein (1957) the first in their long-running movie franchise inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein novel (or most likely by the success of the earlier Universal Pictures’ adaptations). In the latest issue of Space Monsters, Sascha Cooper continues her analysis of Frankenstein in film  by focusing chiefly on Hammer’s output but with a nod towards Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster and Andy Warhol’s Flesh For Frankenstein. You can read this article in Space Monsters issue 4 alongside coverage of Godzilla, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Logan’s Run, giant monster movies, King Kong, Space:1999 and much more.

Space Monsters is available in print form from Classic Horror Campaign,, Hemlock Books, The Cinema Store, Metaluna Store (Paris), Scary Monsters Scare Store and other outlets. You can also download the full colour digital version from the Dead Good Newsstand.

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Godzilla fans are already going crazy over the brand new issue of Space Monsters magazine as we prepare for the release of Hollywood’s Godzilla 2014 reboot! Space Monsters number 4 celebrates those classic creature features with our own Top Ten Giant Monster Movies (drop us an email at to let us know your top ten!), extensive coverage of the classic Godzilla films, Amicus Pictures’ The Land That Time Forgot, Ultraman, Mothra, Gorgo and King Kong! There are also features and reviews on Logan’s Run, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Space:1999 and Hammer’s Frankenstein movies as well as scream queen Caroline Munro‘s exclusive new column where she discusses her time working with special effects maestro Ray Harryhausen.

You can order the print edition of Space Monsters from the Classic Horror Campaign website or you can download the full color digital version from the Dead Good Newsstand – no waiting for the mailman to arrive – you can read it straight away on your iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and all good PDF readers – just like out of  a classic sci-fi movie!

So…don’t delay, download today!

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