frankenstein meets space monster meets emily booth

“Hey! Its me again with my second column for Space Monsters and this time contrary to what the title suggests this is not about Frankenstein getting down with some little green men on Mars, but rather a 1960’s semi kinky tale of interplanetary breeding! Have I got your attention now? Good, then I’ll begin.

It’s 1965, the same year as the first human space walk, the first landing on the moon was still 4 years away but it seemed the one question on everyone’s mind in the 60’s (apart from where to score some LSD and get laid?) was “Is there life on Mars?” This fertile theme fed our beloved Sci Fi Horror genre for a good two decades and while this little gem starts life out as your typical ‘first space mission to Mars gone wrong’ movie, it soon takes a rather more kitsch turn…”

You can read the full review of trash classic Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster by the UK’s Mistress of Horror Emily Booth in issue 3 of Space Monsters magazine.

 If you’re wondering where you can grab your copy of Space Monsters (either print or digital) then check out the list and links below to find your easiest option!
spacemonsters muppets chestburster

Classic Horror Campaign 


Dead Good Publishing Ltd (Digital Version) 


Hemlock Books 


The Cinema Store – 5 Upper St Martin’s Lane, London WC2H 9NY


Blackwell’s University Bookshop – 

(University of Sheffield, Mappin Street,Sheffield,S1 4DT)


London Film Memorabilia Convention – Saturday 29th March 2014


Camden Film Fair – Saturday 22nd February 2014


Ninth Circle – various festivals and events throughout 2014


Psychotronic Store


Scary Monsters Scare Store


Suspect Video – (605 Markham Street * Toronto * Ontario * Canada * M6G 2L7)


frankenstein meets the space monster poster

spacemonstersmag digital and print ad issue 1 2 3
EmilyBooths BMovieBoutique banner 2


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