How YOU Can Appear In “Space Monsters Magazine”…

space monster reads mag

Space Monsters Magazine is looking for readers to contribute to our brand new feature starting from issue number three: “Wanted! More Readers Like…” All you need to do is send us a photograph of yourself, your pets, a celebrity or an iconic space monster with an issue of Space Monsters Magazine and we will print a selection in the next issue as well as on the Space Monsters Magazine Facebook Page! Be the envy of all your fiends and become a true Space Cadet! Just email your pic to and YOU could be one of the next stars featured in the galaxy’s greatest sci-fi and monster magazine!

Don’t forget you can still buy issues one and two of Space Monsters Magazine direct from the Classic Horror Campaign and various other websites and stores as well as digital versions from the Dead Good Newsstand. You can also watch the Space Monsters Magazine Channel on Youtube and follow us on Twitter.

jake west spacemonsters

sascha spacemonsters

april chaplin sm2

rob and ember sm 2

caroline munro spacemonsters2


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