buck rogers space vampire comic strip part two

If you’re a fan of space operas, sci-fi films and monster movies you’ll be over the moon to hear that September is Sci-Fi Month at Hemlock Books! Throughout September Hemlock will be featuring special offers on science fiction and fantasy books, magazines, DVDs and posters! Keep checking the website for new offers each week and if you’re still trying to get hold of Space Monsters magazine issue one grab your copy while Hemlock is offering an Out Of This World 10% discount off the cover price!

At Hemlock you can also find back issues of Monster Bash, The Darkside, We Belong Dead, Rue Morgue, Shadowland Magazine, Scary Monsters and many more macabre monster magazines! So whether you’re a Space:1999 fanatic, a Godzilla groupie or an Alien afficionado make sure you beam yourself up to Hemlock Books immediately for the best bargains in the galaxy!

hemlock SF september

1999 chlorine monster

it conquered the world

monster that challenged the world spacemonsters

godzilla vs megalon


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