space monsters cover 1 draft 7

A brand new monster magazine is coming to a galaxy near you soon! SPACE MONSTERS MAGAZINE is aimed at fans of classic sci-fi, horror and fantasy movies and television – with an emphasis on scary monsters, B-movies and sexy space babes! Edited by our very own CYBERSCHIZOID and using many of the same team of artists and writers from the popular WE BELONG DEAD classic horror magazine, SPACE MONSTERS will be bringing you the very beast in features, exclusive artwork, interviews and retro reviews that no horror or sci-fi fan will want to miss!

SPACE MONSTERS consists of 80 packed pages and will soon be available to buy in print format directly from the SPACE MONSTERS MAGAZINE website or in digital format from the DEAD GOOD NEWSTAND and in select specialist book stores.

Issue one includes:

* SPACE:1999 – A look at the classic horror influences on the classic seventies sci-fi show!

* THEM! – A retrospective from We Belong Dead editor Eric McNaughton!

* CLASSIC STAR TREK – A personal look at Gene Roddenberry’s legendary sixties space opera!

* THE BLOB! – A look back at the fifties Steve McQueen B-movie!

* GODZILLA Vs MEGALON! – An appreciation of this much-maligned Japanese monster mash!

* TWILIGHT ZONE – An extensive look at the continuing influence of Rod Serling’s classic horror/SF TV series!

* THE SEVEN VOYAGES OF RAY HARRYHAUSEN – A fond look back at Harryhausen’s iconic Sinbad movies!

* Spectacular artwork from Woody Welch and Ash Loydon!

* An exclusive retro sci-fi comic strip!

* TOP TEN GIANT BUG MOVIES…and lots more! 


THEM black and white landscape

1999 dragons domain large

giant claw poster photo


sexy spacebabes double bill

empire of the ants poster



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